Pair Programming

The essence of agile software development

What is pair programming?

It is the process in which two people separate the programming strategies and syntax techniques. Usually, one person will be typing, and we refer to this person asthe driver. The other role is thinking where to go and how to do that in the best way, and this person is the navigator.

Why is pair programming important?

It is important because we can work together and collaborate on projects. It keeps everyone on the same page so we can finish together. When you’re pairing, you have the advantage of two people with two different ways of thinking looking at the same problem.



  • Actually typing the code and thinking about syntax
  • Keep working on the part the navigator guides you to
  • Run the code to see if it's working


  • Thinking about the direction and strategy
  • Research and look things up
  • Decide which methods you're working
  • Think about the structure of your code

By the way, pair programming really helps your thinking!

Published: December 02 2014

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