Anger Management

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Not long ago I spent a lot of time showing someone at the work how to do a complicate process which requires hours to get correct results. I spent lot of time to explain and work with him, but he repeatedly argued a setting that the boss already decided, and I can't change that at my position. Around midnight we haven't finished but again he tried to change that setting. I fed up and tell him to finish that process alone and left. But later on the result was wrong and unhappy.

The source of my conflict feeling was, I put so much time trying to make this process smoothly and correctly, however, he still want to alter a setting which I was not authorized to change. I got upset and don't want to be involved for any possible resulting errors. I didn't take any actions and just left, which appear to be not the best solution. Because it's not the best idea to call the boss at midnight for non emergent events, I should have plainly tell him the reason behind and offer him the chance to talking to boss and decide later to prevent such error.

What I learned from this case was: I am not that capable of handling my emotion, just like when I facing the intense situation in the pairing session. If a situation occurs, I should filter out my feeling, maybe by taking a break, frankly discuss with the other person, and offer a better solution to solve the situation. Thanks DBC for helping to find myself, maybe I will learn and change soon.

Published: January 21 2015

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