Critical values that matter

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The world is always changing, and so do our lives. What is the important values that mean a lot to your life? For me, keeps my families happy, getting the sense of accomplishment, having feeling of the confidence, and helping others in the world are all critical to me.

My parents were very busy, so our family get together time is very valuable. I always remember the moments that enjoying all sorts of the things. Now I have my own family and I found myself is also so busy; Déjà vu, right? but such busy life makes my long for happy family life even more.

My instant reaction when interacting with people is slow, instead, I am a planning/executing person. The progress of the thinking & planing, to the end to achieve something in the end, make my life so delightful. Maybe the reason I like such process is, it's a proof of my strategy.

Why would I like to planning ahead and then execute it? I asked myself many times. One other important reason is losing the control of the status is not my favorite. The planning ahead make me feel confident. And such confidence make me progress on my plan steady toward my goals.

Through my religion I also like to help all other people. Helping people to do something good not only light up my life but also elevate people's life. Using my knowledge and power to help people for good, is also a critical value to my life.

Published: January 14 2015

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