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In DBC we learned a new coding style: pair-programming, two people work together toward the same goal. There are many variation of pair programming but generally in this process the communication is critical. Because only by harmonic collaboration can we dissect the challenges and offer potential solutions in timely manner.

I have serious communication issues especially encountering unpredictable difficulties under time pressure. I tend to get really nervous and blind myself in details. There are many difficult moments in pair programming can get really intense and unpredictable, and I got nervous and stuck often. When nervousness hits me, my thinking get hindered and paralysed, then results in total endless failure. I'm afraid of that a lot, and actually freaked out a girl in my pair, felt so sad.

Today I read many feedback from my pairs and to my surprising, most of them are quite encouraging and some of them even point out great ideas of improving my pair capabilities. I always worried about failed on something, especially on some unfamiliar topics, but after reading these comments, my conclusion for my self is: relax and be confident on focusing the challenge itself, without worrying failing the pair, and don't forget my pair is here to help and communicate.

I am still wondering why I got so nervous on pairing, since I used to give talks to various audience after thoroughly preparation of my subjects. So I think the best strategy for my self is to get prepared by reading the material beforehand, and ask help and feeling of my pair. If I relax and give myself some time to think, I won't be paralysed by time pressure (strange enough, huh?). Really appreciate all your feedback from my excellent cohort mates!

Published: December 20 2014

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