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Building web sites was very simple and straightforward decades ago. Add up several tags around the text plus a few links to pictures or music and it's done. Some dynamic always can be achieved by old school JS codes or with CGI and pretty much that's it. Oh sweet old days.

Now things are all changed. Customers always wants more. Tech companies want to rule everybody's needs in this world with web applications by different browsers or platforms. Phone apps can also be wrapped or powered by web applications and big data analysis is a must for modern business survival. Making "working" website is far more complicate than ever and become a sophisticate role.

Even it's same data for presentation, the effective way to present data on user's watches may be very different to the way to displaying on their families televisions. Tech world tried to work around by inventing more and more technologies. That's right, we have more tools. Yeah we now have front-end, we have back end. And we have many frameworks to keep us busy for gluing them together and presenting on the devices. However frameworks come and go, web developers always need to keep up to date with the progressing trends.

Another situation web developers are facing is the uncertain coverage of their job. In a steady growing company the frontend developers need to convert mock ups from art designers and make them connected with the backend teams. In a huge companies maybe web developer job would be focusing on debugging a newly released private library. In a startup they a web developer may need to cover the entire design-to-backend area. Mentioning so-called "full-stack" just make us more confused, because now there are so many out there like MEAN, LAMP, RoR, ASP.NET, Django, etc. We need to keep the building philosophy in our heart and learn at all times to face all challenges tomorrow.

Published: December 14 2014

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